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Our Mission

To advocate for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention through education and community service.

Our Story

On January 10, 2022  we received the news no parents should ever receive. The firstborn son we loved and cherished had died by suicide. We didn't have time to help him. We didn't know he was suffering from a mental illness that would claim his life at the young age of 28. As parents, we could have chosen to bury ourselves into the sorrow that consumed us. Instead, we chose to lean on God and take immediate action. Thanks to our family, close friends, and the support of the Tampa Bay Rays organization, our family found our voice, the strength, and the passion to speak up in hopes to save others.  These feelings and the increasing need for action inspired the creation of  JR 98 Inc. JR after his name, Jean Ramirez. 98 because it was his Rays baseball jersey number. Later on, the new suicide lifeline number became 988. What are the odds?

An estimated 703,000 people a year take their life around the world. About 50 million people suffer from Mental Health illnesses.

We are losing too many precious souls and must take action advocating, educating, and encouraging open communication regarding Mental Health and suicide. This is a global health crisis and the time to act is now. There is help available but we must normalize speaking up when we are not ok.

"Suffering in silence is not ok"

Toni, Anthony, and Carlos Ramirez

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